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Living on the Farm: Jesse Lauritz milks Kristian Leitzen for 15 Questions

15 Questions

By Jesse Lauritz

This week, Jesse Lauritz interviewed Kristian Leitzen. Leitzen is a junior broadcast journalism with a minor in production. Leitzen is originally from the dairy state Wisconsin and was enrolled in the Honors College here at UH.

Photo by Pin Lim

Junior broadcast journalism major Kristian Leitzen finishes his homework before he heads for his class.

The Daily Cougar: Did you live on a farm?

Leitzen: "Yes for about seven years or so I lived on a farm, so yes."

Did you milk the cows?

"Actually no. I was kind of small. I moved off the farm in third grade. I wasn't quite large enough to milk a cow."

What made you leave Wisconsin and come here to Houston?

"A scholarship. They said that they are going to pay for four years of college, (and so) I'll travel halfway across the country."

You are a member of a fraternity right?

"Yes, I am a member of the Delta Upsilion fraternity."

What does it mean to you to be in a fraternity?

"Being in Delta Upsilion to me means being a gentleman. Also being a force for good on the UH campus; we try to get something done that benefits the community."

Are you going to be involved in Frontier Fiesta?

"Yes, I will be performing in the Delta Upsilion show at Frontier Fiesta."

Is there anything else that you are working on here at UH?

"Well, a bunch of us guys are trying to get together a roller hockey team to join up with the CRHL. We would play teams around here like Baylor and TCU."

Do you like to bang the boards?

"Yes, hitting people is fun, but that is usually restricted to ice hockey. Roller hockey you try to shy away from heavy duty hitting because it is on blacktop or on a harder surface."

Do you have any other hobbies or interests?

"I spend a lot of time on my computer. I use it for games and home work. I have a class where I use a lot of Photoshop and Director 8, so it helps out. I also like to surf the Net and check my favorite professional wrestling sites."

Do you read Ed De La Garza's Wrestling Report?

"Yes, I try to keep current with Ed's opinion, even though he is a WWF fan. I tend to disagree with most of his opinions and I don't agree with the fact that it is all about the ratings. Hey, this isn't a wrestling column."

So, what do you think about Wisconsin making it to the Final Four?

"Growing up in Wisconsin, I have a little loyalty for the school. Got to feel good for them, since they have been playing hard for the past couple of years and now they finally have gotten to the Final Four and got some recognition. However, they need to work on Bucky."

What's wrong with Bucky?

"He still has that 1954 sweater. It needs to go."

What do you when you are not in class? Do you work?

"When I'm not involved with an event with my fraternity, I'm usually at work."

Where do you work?

"I work promotions for Oldies 94.5. If you ever need a koozie or a T-shirt look me up.

What do you plan to do when you graduate?

"Working promotions at the moment, I'm trying to make some friends in the business. Then, I have some that I can throw around later so that I can get that low level job. I (would) like to work my way up and some day be the next Matt Lauer."



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