Thursday, February 17, 2000
Houston, Texas
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By Jesse Lauritz
Daily Cougar Staff

Fashion has shaped society's ideals for years. Fashion shows have been used as an outlet for renowned designers to present their latest fashion lines to the public.

However, one doesn't have to travel to Paris or London to see some of the newest ideas from the fashion industry.

UH sophomore Candace Jackson struts her stuff in preparation for this year's 42nd annual Ebony Fashion Fair at Hannah Hall auditorium at March 18. 

Photo courtesy of Friends Collective Inc.

The world's largest traveling fashion show is coming to Houston on March 18. The Ebony Fashion Fair will be held at 8 p.m. at the Hannah Hall Auditorium of Texas Southern University.

Sponsored by Friends Collective Inc. of Houston, the fashion show has been in existence for 42 years. It will provide an inside look at the new, exciting designs for the new millennium.

Vice President of Programs for Friends Collective. Ruby Mosley said that plenty of work goes into the show.

"There is a lot of preparation that you have to do before the show. We have to make sure that the guests are seated and that the special guests have their reserved seating. We also deal with the setup of the reception and booking of the models," Mosley said.

The show features three Houston residents, including UH student Candace Jackson.

A sophomore who modeled for the local Neal Hamil Agency, Jackson was the 1998 Miss East Texas USA, the 1999 Miss Missouri City USA and the fourth runner-up in the Miss Texas USA 2000 pageant.

She has also done print and runway work, including appearances in music videos and two commercials.

"Before I started school in Houston, I went to school in East Texas and I started doing pageants in the area. The pageants allowed me to go out and do modeling, which introduced me to a lot of different people," Jackson said.

The people she met gave her other opportunities in the field of modeling which helped her land a modeling gig in the Ebony Fashion Fair.

"This is my chance to get some more work and get my face out in the public, but after this (Ebony Fashion Fair) I plan to do more modeling. I will be going to Spain for the summer and competing in another pageant which will possibly lead to some more things," Jackson said.

Although being a model may seem fun and exciting, it is hard work.

"It is tough traveling because we travel every single day and we're in a different hotel," Jackson said. "But it is a wonderful experience. You meet different people everyday that can become your friends and that can help you out business wise and job wise later on in the future.

"It is tough, but it is a great experience, because you are helping sponsors raise money for scholarships," she said. "All together it is helping a good cause."

The Ebony Fashion Show tickets are still available and can be picked up at the Reggae Hut, 2814 Almeda; Academy Awards, 4112 Fannin; and Kashmere Pharmacy, 3513-C Lockwood Drive. You can also pick up tickets at the box office booth of the TSU auditorium the day of the show.


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