Tuesday, April 4, 2000
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 125

Census important for Texas

SGA president Robertson sworn in

UH law professor to be honored for public ed

Westheimer Street Festival relocating



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Film Review: The Skulls

Whitlock on education

Moeller on activism

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Crowell garners POW award after 15-K outing

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Boylen, Murphy interested

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'Oh my God, they killed ...'

Kevin Harwerth/The Daily Cougar

It's not Kenny. In fact, it's not anyone! This mock chalk outline is on display in front of the art building.


In News Today . . .

Houston Mayor Lee P. Brown announced in late March the opening of Census 2000 Questionnaire Assistance Centers across Houston in an effort to increase awareness of, and participation in, this year's census.

In Opinion Today . . .

One of the few things that liberals and conservatives agree on is that our school system needs improvement. Another thing that Vice President Gore and Governor Bush agree on is that more money may help. While more money probably wouldn't hurt, I am reluctant to throw money at the problem and hope it will get better. Thus far, it has not worked.

In Entertainment Today . . .

If there's one immediate impression listeners take away from Steve Tyrell's A New Standard, it is happiness. It comes from all sides: from the jazz legends Tyrell makes music with, from the memories the pop standards conjure -- and, of course, from Tyrell himself.

In Sports Today . . .

When Texas A&M visited Cougar Field on March 7, the Aggies crushed two three-run homers in the fourth and fifth innings to pad a convincing 9-5 victory over the Cougars, now ranked at No. 9.


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