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SGA president Robertson sworn in 

By Natalie Yeats
Daily Cougar Staff

Despite a large voter turnout in the Student Government Association elections, only a handful of people gathered Monday at the University Center to witness the swearing-in of the new SGA president and vice president.

SGA Director of Finance and University Hearing Board Justice Leigh Street inducted President James Robertson and Vice President De'Mia R. Willis into office. Student Regent-elect Glenn Turner was not present, but will be sworn in at the first available opportunity.

James Robertson

Robertson said he is anxious to begin his new term and hopes to have a smooth transition into office.

"I'm ready to go a new direction, but I want to make sure I know where we've been," Robertson said.

He said he plans to continue the SGA's efforts at increased visibility by distributing a newsletter to all UH students that will give updates on the SGA's progress, including legislation and events that involve SGA.

"We want students to know about everything we do," Robertson said.

He also said he will pursue a proposal made by the former SA Senate calling for all student fee increases to be explained on fee bills.

In addition to addressing students' needs, Robertson said he would like to implement a youth outreach program to surrounding UH communities. UH students would serve as role models to encourage teens to go to college, particularly to UH.

"We can educate them about college, and how to get financial aid and scholarships," Robertson said.

Despite the fact that more than half the SGA senators were elected from the Cougar Tradition Party, which opposed Robertson, the new president said he believes the Senate will still be productive.

"We have a genuine concern for the students," he said.

However, some have suggested the new Senate's first meeting Wednesday may not go so smoothly. Sources have indicated some Cougar Tradition senators may stage a protest to indicate their displeasure with Robertson's being sworn in Monday.

According to the SGA constitution, the newly elected president's term officially begins the first Monday in April. However, the inaugural banquet is not scheduled to be held until Friday, and some SGA members reportedly feel Robertson's taking office Monday was a slap in the face of the previous administration.

Robertson, who will preside over Wednesday's meeting, had no comment on the issue.

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