Thursday, April 6, 2000
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 127

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Moving on

And so the 36th administration of the Student Government Association officially ended last night, ushering in the 37th.

It's a bit hard to be critical of student leaders -- especially when you consider some of them your friends. But recent actions during and immediately following the elections leave no choice but to point these things out -- and to hope they come to a realization quickly.

What seemed to be forgotten throughout these past few weeks was that being a student leader was not about the power, the résumé, massive ego trips or the connections afforded to you. Being a student leader means you lead, whether through action or example.

Quite frankly, the actions of some student leaders set an awful example for the campus. Whether it was because of hurt feelings, sour grapes, or whatever, they had forgotten what motivated them enough to be involved in SGA to begin with.

There were grumblings about possible demonstrations set to take place last night. Some senators-supporters of the last administration-threatened to cause turmoil, to effectively end President James Robertson Jr's term before it even began.

The task at hand was forgotten. Friendships were threatened. People started to lash out publicly.

The Daily Cougar served as a forum for all sides. We received numerous, groundless tips about wrongdoings. We published letters from senators. We published replies to those letters. For a time it seemed as though the newsroom was ground zero for whatever was about to happen.

But in the end, it seems that SGA's true purpose prevailed. The 36th administration did an excellent job of making its presence known. It listened, it took criticism when it deserved it and it actually took action. It erased past administrations' shortcomings.

But those accomplishments were in danger of being forgotten, of being replaced by the memory of how it could have ended. It was the job of the 36th administration to make certain there was a smooth transition. That almost didn't happen. The students' wishes were not being served by petty partisan politics.

We commend the 36th administration for getting a hold of itself and letting the Robertson-led 37th administrationdo its job -- the job it was elected to do. We hope the senators will work with Robertson, and vice-versa, and be true student leaders.


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