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Championship Bass surprisingly exhilarating

The Game Boy

Brandon Franks

This week has been busy. I hope many of you got to try out Perfect Dark, the game Nintendo previewed on campus Monday. If you didn't, you'll have to wait until late May for the game. It's pretty sweet, especially the multiplayer setup.

With the E3 Expo just a month away, Sega held a teleconference Tuesday to talk about its new company.

This is a major thing, trust me. We all know the online capability the Dreamcast (the company is called Sega.com) has.

Sega wants it to be the online place for gamers. With e-mail, games, a $200 rebate for those who sign up and much more, Sega expects to be a domineering force in the industry.

The setup will hit stores this fall, with Quake III Arena, NFL2K1 and NBA2K1, which will all be online-compatible.

Now for the reviews

Though the cover might deceive you a little, HotShots Golf 2 for PlayStation from Sony is not wacky golf. Even though the characters look silly, this game is right on the money.

In fact, you've got to be pretty good (or just save a lot) to move through the game. The graphics are really good and the challenge is pretty difficult.

This one is more fun than any other golf game out there right now. The interface is simple, and there are tons of secrets to unlock. A+

Next is EA Sports' Championship Bass for PlayStation. My first thought, of course, was, "How can fishing actually be fun on a video game?" To my surprise, it is.

The lakes, scenery and even the fish look real. You can learn the controls quickly, and when you catch the fish it takes as much strength to pull in a video-game fish as it does a real one.

You'll really get into this game if you give it a chance. A-

As far as racing goes, Colin McRae Rally for PlayStation, from Sony again, is chock full of crazy, rally-style racing. The tutorial mode is very helpful, and the graphics are quite cool. You can even hear sheep as you drive down a country road.

The challenge is there, but if you do the tutorial you shouldn't have too much of a problem going through the game. A-

Mobil 1 Rally Championship from Electronic Arts is Colin McRae Rally's identical twin. The only difference in this one is you can only race on the British Isles, unlike McRae's game where you get to go around the world. The road is much narrower in Mobil 1, too.It's so narrow that you will tip your car over often. B-

The last game is Sega Sports Arcade's Virtua Striker 2. Don't confuse this one with a fighter -- it's soccer. Great graphics and challenge. Unfortunately, you can't use the thumb pad on the Dreamcast, which makes the game much harder. The game is more luck than anything, because you really just pass shots and get kicked in the shin a bunch. B-

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