Thursday, April 6, 2000
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 127

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Bad weather scraps chance at sweep

From the Inside

Kyle Crowell

Well, it's been another interesting week in our "Road to Omaha."

We started out at Baylor in a midweek game at its brand new stadium. In my two years here we have never beaten the Bears. We've had numerous opportunities to beat them and even lost to them last year in 22 innings, the longest game in NCAA history.

It was great to see Duncan McAdoo back in action this year when he made his first start since having knee surgery four weeks earlier.

He threw well, and we put together some very timely hits, while the bullpen did a great job of shutting the Bears down.

We won in a late-inning comeback with the score of 4-3. It was great to finally beat Baylor, but in order to go all the way to Omaha and win a National Championship, we must have consistent performances like this from the bullpen and the starting pitch every time out.

From Waco, we got on the plane and flew to Birmingham, Ala., to face the Blazers of UAB. We have always had a history of weather problems when we play in Birmingham. I can remember my freshman year when we played there and a cold front moved in -- bringing tornadoes with it. An air raid siren went off during batting practice and we had to hit in the football locker room, located underground.

The second game of a doubleheader on Sunday went long and we missed our flight that evening, which caused us to take a 13-hour bus ride home.

Well, we made our return to Birmingham this weekend. Unfortunately, so did the bad weather. We played really well on Friday night and the offense did an outstanding job, putting 16 runs on the board.

Aaron Melebeck and Tyson Sweitzer led the way for the offense as they each hit grand slams. Freshman Chris Snyder had a breakout game with three hits, including his first collegiate home run. He also did a great job behind the plate catching as he filled in for the injured Jarrod Bitter. We ended up winning the game 16-3 and seemed to put ourselves in a great position to sweep the weekend series.

The weather on Saturday was beautiful -- until the rains came about two hours before game time. We were forced to tarp the infield and wait a couple of hours, hoping we would get a break in the weather. We even went back to the hotel for a while and watched some Final Four games.

But when we came back, it was still raining.

Being rained out is kind of a helpless situation, because you can do absolutely nothing but sit, wait and find interesting things to do sitting in a dugout.

We were scheduled to play a doubleheader on Sunday, but it rained all Saturday night and the last two games of the series were washed out without any makeups.

Loosing two games we should have won may hurt us a little in the conference, since the champion is decided by winning percentage, but we cannot worry about the two games -- it just makes every other game even more meaningful.

We know what we have to do to win the conference: play the way we are capable of playing and be consistent every time out on the field. We hope to carry over that philosophy to this weekend as we crank conference play back up at home against South Florida.

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