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Pharmacy gala will celebrate 50th class

By Romina Kim
Daily Cougar Staff

The UH College of Pharmacy will celebrate its 50th graduating class this year with a gala fund-raising event May 13.

The purpose of the event, the Back to the Future Gala, will not only mark the past but will provide a foundation for the college's future, said Pharmacy Dean Mustafa Lokhandwala.

Allan Collette

"The purpose is twofold: to celebrate the outstanding graduates the college has produced and to raise funds for the students," he said.

Establishment of a School of Pharmacy was approved Oct. 16, 1946, the result of requests from local pharmacists overworked by World War II and postwar prosperity. In 1947, UH Vice President Walter W. Kemmerer appointed Allan Collette, a local physician with a degree in pharmacy, to hire lecturers. The School of Pharmacy officially opened that year with 144 students. It was the second pharmacy school in Texas and the first college at UH to receive national accreditation.

Eighty-seven students from the 50th graduating class will be honored at the May gala, where a special presentation will trace the history of the school.

Over the years, Lokhandwala said, the once male-dominated student body of the pharmacy college has changed. In 1947, only 5 percent of the students were female, but today that number is 68 percent.

Something that has not changed, however, is the students' contributions to academics, the community and their profession.

"I'm especially proud of our students' accomplishments. Our students have held leadership positions in many organizations," Lokhandwala said.

For ticket information, call (713) 743-1234.

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