Thursday, September 9, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 13

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Not quite a dynasty

After winning its third-consecutive WNBA title, some people are considering the Houston Comets one of the true dynasties in the history of sports.

However, others tend to disagree.

Saying the Comets are a true dynasty requires a few disclaimers. The WNBA is a three-year-old league that has yet to establish itself as a prominent professional association. There are 12 teams in the league and not enough talent to go around.

The Comets are what you call a "fluke" team. Drafting talents like Sheryl Swoopes and Cynthia Cooper required a stroke of luck. Swoopes was a bona fide Olympian who was sent to Houston because of her Texas Tech roots. Cooper was drafted in the league's first draft and, playing overseas, was far from anyone's attention in the United States.

Call it clever recruiting, but there simply has not been any team to match up with the Comets. They practically have the three best players in the league (Cooper, Swoopes and Tina Thompson). Even when the other professional women's league (American Basketball League) dismantled, the talent that spilled over to the WNBA was not enough to de-throne the Comets.

Not to take anything away from Houston's only three-time champions. The Comets are a great organization with a very talented coach and an incredible squad. They have had to overcome adversity every year to win the WNBA trophy, especially this year, scarred by the death of point Kim Perrot.

Nevertheless, the Comets may as well be the Chicago Bulls of women's basketball. From 1991, the Bulls won the NBA championship every full year Michael Jordan wore No. 23 on his jersey.

And, like the Bulls, the Comets should prevail in this watered-down WNBA league as long as Cooper, Swoopes and Thompson are on the floor together.


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