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Want bowel-shaking action? Pick Power Stone, not a gall stone

Power Stone


ESRB Rating: Teen

Grade A+

By Brandon Franks
Daily Cougar Staff 

The time has come to prove how good of a fighter you really are. In the 19th century, no less!

Capcom, the crew that brought you Street Fighter, has come out with Power Stone for the Sega Dreamcast.

The goal is to collect the three power stones in the fight before your opponent does and then use them to blow your adversary to kingdom come. Easy, right? Yeah, about as easy as finding a parking space at the mall during the holidays. 

The arcade fighting style of Power Stone is almost too good to believe, and features some of the coolest moves ever seen.

Photo courtesy of Capcom

You've heard the slogan for the Dreamcast: "It's Thinking." It is. The artificial intelligence in the game is so good that even playing the game a day later you will still have to come up with new strategies for kicking the other guy's butt.

Each time you have a move that really works, the game somehow learns it and makes sure to try to stop you from using it again.

All the characters are well rounded in their abilities and each has his own style. Master them and you might get lucky and win the full arcade mode.

The graphics are arcade quality all the way. If you get an arcade stick you'll really have that arcade feel while playing Power Stone. The different places you go to fight are really cool. The detail level in the backgrounds is unbelievable.

The best part of the fight locations are that you can go anywhere, and grab almost anything in the game. The fight locations are not at all like other fight games where the scenery is 3D and the fighting is 2D. 

You can go on the rooftops and climb steps. It allows you to remove the poles holding up the roofs, pick up tables and such and knock the ever-loving snot out of your opponent with them. 

Going through the game completely will allow you to open up some secret areas and going through it with certain players will do more of the same.

The special power moves should be called incredible moves, because that's exactly what they are. No two of the power moves are alike, and they will give your opponent a hefty amount of damage. Be careful when first seeing these moves; you might drop your controller and lose your fight while you drool over the sheer coolness of the move.

All in all Power Stone is one of the best fighting games I have seen in a long time. Just the fact that you can pick up anything and move all around the screen is ultra-cool. There is nothing wrong with this game, so it will likely be months before you start getting tired of Power Stone.

Pros: You can go anywhere in the game.

Cons: The word "none" comes to mind.

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