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Sonic Adventure features stunning graphics, cool music and 3D action

Sonic Adventure

Sega Dreamcast

ESRB Rating: Everyone

Grade: A

By Brandon Franks
Daily Cougar Staff 

The blue hedgehog with an attitude is back and ready to kick some butt like never before.

In the new title Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast, you have to stop Dr. Robotnik (Egghead, as Sonic refers to him) from collecting the Chaos emeralds and destroying the world.

You not only get to play through the adventure as Sonic himself, but now you get to play as his friends and a couple of new critters as well. In order to complete the game you'll need to play with Amy, Tails, Knuckles, E-102 Gamma and Big the Cat, as well as Sonic.

The thrill-seeking, fun-loving sonic is back and better than ever on Sega Dreamcast's  version of Sonic Adventure.

Photo courtesy of Sega

The game itself has come a long way since the earlier versions of Sonic the Hedgehog. The game is totally 3D, which in this day and age is a must. Yet it's unlike any 3D game you've played.

The greatest thing about Sonic Adventure is the fact that it's not just go through this, jump over that and collect the most rings you can in a level. It's an actual full story that takes you through unbelievable places that you just have to see.

The graphics are superb. It's like watching a cartoon without the commercials. The scenery is extraordinary, not to mention the characters and the effects. Even on a small television you can see how big the game is, like when you are in the Mystic Ruins and run through the field. All you'll be able to say is "Wow! This thing's huge!"

Not only do all the characters talk, but the game has some cool music with lyrics as well. I don't know the title but that "fly high" song is pretty catchy.

The level of difficulty ranges from easy to "What the hell?" There are some levels that you can go through without getting scraped, but on the later levels you'll probably use all those free lives you've gathered.

There's a lot to do in Sonic Adventure but one thing you'll want to be sure to do is gather and breed your Chaos. These little guys start off in eggs that you have to hatch. After they grow and adapt to their environment you can download them to your Virtual Memory Unit. In the VMU you can play the Chao Adventure, a mini-game from the Sonic Adventure.

When you have a diverse array of Chaos, you can also race them. To get that different array of characters you'll need to have the Chao cuddle with some of the animals you've released in the Chao Garden in order to learn their attributes.

Sonic Adventure also has some great new moves for Sonic. Not only do you get to pick up, shake and wave things, but you get new actions for Sonic: the Light Speed Attack and the Light Speed Dash.

Both of these actions are extremely fast, hence the names. They also help you in some tough situations. It's easy to find both of the items that let you do this, so good hunting!

Overall, Sonic Adventure is a great example of what the Dreamcast can do. The only problem is the camera angle at certain points during the game. In some areas you either can't move the camera in the angle that you need to see or you can't move it at all.

Other than the camera angles, Sonic Adventure puts all other 3D platform games to shame.

With all the things to do in this game, you will enjoy playing Sonic Adventure well into the year 2000.

Pros: The graphics are truly stunning.

Cons: The camera angles that you have to deal with at some points of the game are really troublesome.

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