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Tuition, fees to increase for 2000-01

By Juliana Coutinho
Daily Cougar Staff

The Board of Regents on Thursday approved increases in tuition and student fees for the 2000-01 academic year that are expected to bring the University an additional $6.4 million in annual revenue.

The increases, which affect parking, housing, technology, day care and student service fees, are part of a larger tuition and fee hike package approved for the entire UH System.

At UH, annual student inlying parking permit prices will rise by $12, while outlying permits will increase by $6 and residence hall permits will cost $20 more. Faculty and staff parking fees will also increase by $12 for annual non-gated permits and $39 for reserved or gated permits.

Bob Browand, director of Parking and Transportation, said the student parking fee increase is the first in 13 years. The new revenue will be used to construct more parking spaces, he said.

"During the next school year, 900 parking spaces should be put in," Browand said. "The project is to add a total of 1,800 spaces for the next six years, which is estimated to cost $5 million."

Tuition at UH will also increase by $2 per undergraduate semester credit hour for residents and by $1 per SCH for non-Texas residents. Resident graduate students will pay an additional $8 per SCH, while nonresident graduate student tuition will increase by $21 per hour.

Provost Edward P. Sheridan said money from the tuition hikes, which occur regularly, will be put into academic programs.

Designated tuition will also increase by $2 per SCH, which will generate about $1.5 million a year for graduate assistant programs and general scholarships.

Housing fee increases will differ from building to building. A double room in the Moody Towers will cost residents $197 more per year, a double room in the Quadrangle will go for $372 more and the price of a single room at Cougar Place will increase by $612.

The additional housing revenue, expected to total about $620,000 per year, will be used for maintenance and upgrades in residence halls.

Other fee increases include a $4 hike in the Student Service Fee, which will go toward enhancing support for student-oriented programs. The technology fee will also increase by $1 per SCH to help support classroom technology upgrades, and students who use the UH Child Care Center will pay an extra $5 per week, while staff and faculty will pay $10 and $15 more, respectively.

All the fee increases were discussed in public forums last month that gave students a chance to voice their opinions on the subject, but only a handful attended.

Student Government Association President James Robertson Jr. said he felt the forums did not adequately explain the increases. The SGA has introduced legislation that would require the University to include explanations of fee hikes on students' bills in the future.

"We've heard the complaints of students, and we want to understand what the University is doing," Robertson said.

Vice President for Student Affairs Elwyn Lee said officials are looking into the possibility of putting proposed fee increases on the Internet.

In general, students seemed to accept last week's hikes as long as they benefit the school.

"If the money is going to show progress for all of us, the increase is a good thing," said Monica Harrington, a senior hotel and restaurant management major. "The changes should be noticeable."

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