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SGA discusses fee increases, computer science programs

By Craig Stewart
Daily Cougar Staff

The Student Government Association's meeting began with an attempt at levity before the Senate addressed fee increases as well as problems with food services and housing during its meeting Wednesday evening.

Speaker of the Senate Justin Ray asked the SGA if there were any present who wished to address the Senate. Dawona Miller, nominee for At-Large seat 2, seemed to raise her hand, though she held up only two fingers.

"Oh no, I'm just throwing a deuce," replied Miller, after being called on by Ray.

After the deuce-throwing was completed and the laughter died down, the Senate discussed more pressing concerns.

Student Regent Glen Turner informed the senate about the happenings at the last Board of Regents meeting, including recently proposed fee increases. Turner indicated that he felt most of the fees, while increasing the financial burden of each UH student, would ultimately benefit the students more than it would hurt them.

But Turner did question the necessity for such a large housing increase. He explained that the numbers regarding this would probably have to be more closely examined.

Turner indicated that UH President Arthur K. Smith had received very high marks in his annual evaluation, for which he was given "a nice pay raise."

In response to outcry of faculty and students, two Natural science and Mathematics senators spoke with their dean regarding problems in the computer science department.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Dean John Bear assured the senators that problems were being looked into, and that they would be resolved.

President James Robertson distributed Executive Insight, a newsletter for the SGA, which called for the appointment of people "who have shown their dedication in the past, and will continue to work hard" to vacant senate positions.

He also requested that complaints regarding food services and housing be investigated.

After a lengthy executive session, the senate decided to send the nominations for Anthony Robinson (Business Seat 3), Shamera Holmes (At-Large Seat 1), Dawona Miller (At-Large Seat 2), and Craig Stewart (Social Science seat 1) to the internal affairs committee, where they will be reviewed and sent back to the Senate with the committee's recommendations.

The next Senate meeting will be Wednesday, April 26, 7:30 p.m. in the Mediterranean room.

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