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E3 game expo fast approaching

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Brandon H. Franks

This week the GB is getting geared up for the big video game expo E3 in Los Angeles. I have been setting up appointments left and right and can safely say that I'll be back with a lot of new contacts, especially for all you PC freaks.

Also, from what I'm hearing, this is a good year to go. It's rumored that Microsoft will show a notable amount about the X-Box, its new console. Sega is going all-out with a huge presentation, and everything you want to know about the PS2 will be revealed.

Finally for E3, I will be attending the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences 2000 Interactive Achievement Awards. It's to video games what the Academy Awards are to movies. This year's host -- Martin Short.

With that out of the way, let's get to the games.

Reviews from the heart

First up for the PlayStation is Alundra 2 from Activision. This is a really cool game and it has tons of stuff to do. You might get annoyed by the cut scenes every five minutes, though.

Although an RPG, the game is setup like a Zelda game. You must attack without commands -- just swing and hope you hit something.

The graphics are incredible and the story develops really well. If you are a true gamer, this one will have to go in your permanent collection. A+

Next is Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour from EIDOS, another good game. This kart-type racing game takes you through all of the Walt Disney World theme parks on some wacky tracks. It's a good replica of what each attraction looks like. The graphics are really, really good. The only problem: The game gets really easy once you learn the tricks and can be beaten in a few hours. B-

For Nintendo, Activision has released Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for the console and has done a fantastic job. In fact, the game controls are much easier to use on this version than on the PlayStation. The graphics aren't better, but the slick tricks are totally all that and then some. A-

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