Monday, April 24, 2000
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Dismissal of director Mayes raises questions

Maxwell shows grotesque art in The Honors College

UH education professor publishing in Moscow

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Cast of Road Trip hoping for American Pie-like success

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Patrick Bernard/The Daily Cougar

A monument topped by a statue of an eagle remembers Kimberly Smith and Lewis Mayo, two Houston firefighters who lost their lives in a blaze at a Southwest Houston McDonald's on Valentine's Day. The monument was erected recently in front of Fire Station 76.


In News Today . . .

Robert Mayes is, according to students, a friendly, likable man who is an avid supporter of the University. He has directed marching bands for 30 years, 16 of them at UH, and many of his students say he has encouraged them to seek careers in music education and band directing.

In Opinion Today . . .

Imagine this, you're sound asleep in your bed dreaming of sugar plums, Pokémon or whatever else goes through your sick mind, and boom! Several men come busting into your house like Charlie Sheen in Navy Seals and point a gun at your face saying, "We've come for you, boy."

In Entertainment Today . . .

The upcoming Dreamworks Picture Road Trip is a raucous, American Pie meets Dawson's Creek meets Clueless meets ... well, you get the point.

In Sports Today . . .

He had it as a personal goal before the season even started.


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