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UH education professor publishing in Moscow

By Eric M. Law
News Reporter

H. Jerome Freiberg, a professor and Moores Scholar in the UH College of Education, will soon have his textbook Freedom to Learn published in Moscow.

Freedom to Learn, which was first copyrighted in 1983, is a popular graduate-level text that encourages a participatory mode of decision-making in all aspects of learning. It also encourages teachers to grow and find satisfaction in their interaction with students.

The book was among those chosen this year for translation from English into Russian by the Russian Open Society in conjunction with the National Academy of Education.

"It's very nice to be recognized," Freiberg said. "Moreover, I think it's more than just being published. This is an important recognition for the entire University community to receive this accolade."

Freedom to Learn was originally written by Carl Rogers, the eminent psychologist and father of modern-day humanistic education. Freiberg revised a majority of the text and brought more prestige to the book, which is available in the United States through, Barnes & Noble and most public libraries.

Freiberg said he isn't certain when the book will be released in Russia, but he expects it to be available there by the end of the year, or next spring at the latest.

Freedom to Learn will be distributed to every library in Moscow.

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