Wednesday, May 3, 2000
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 146

Downtown still offers shelter to homeless

Support leads to revival of karate course at UH

Census Bureau begins final participation push

Medical changes bring pharmacists new roles



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Film Review: Human Traffic

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De La Garza on goodbye

Cardenas on cluelessness

Miller on life

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This is the last issue of The Daily Cougar Online 
for the spring semester.

Look for our first summer issue on May 31, 2000

The 'Big Three'

Kevin Harwerth/The Daily Cougar

Cougar baseball pitchers (from left) Kyle Crowell, Duncan McAdoo and Shane Nance form one of the top pitching tandems in college baseball heading into posteseason play with a combined 22-4 record. The Conference USA-leading Cougars have six games left in the regular season.


In News Today . . .

When it opened, Enron Field was seen not only as a drawing card to bring thousands of people into downtown and spur development in the district's long-neglected east side. Some were concerned the stadium would also drive away the area's homeless population and the organizations that serve it.

In Opinion Today . . .

I'll actually be the editor during the summer, but most of you -- and much of the current Daily Cougar staff -- won't be back until the fall. So instead of devoting the staff editorial to self-promotion and inside commentary, I thought it more appropriate to write a column.

In Entertainment Today . . .

In a recent interview with the writer and director of Human Traffic, Justin Kerrigan, the talented and savvy filmmaker, said, "Everything is personal in this film. It's like Jip (John Simm) going through a monumental case of Mr Floppy. I went through that big time. It was a nightmare."

In Sports Today . . .

For the first time ever, The Daily Cougar conducted a fan poll to honor the top athletes, coaches and teams from the 1999-2000 school year.


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