Monday, June 5, 2000
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 148

UH suffers heartbreak in 3-2 loss to SJSU

Plan 2000 to revamp School of Communication

Conference enlightens writers-to-be

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Breaking Kayfabe

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Queens of the stone age

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Kid Rock

Cardenas on Napster

Franks on hitting the books

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Spartans relish role of underdog

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"Picasso Moon"

Travis Howell/The Daily Cougar

University of Houston architecture students dropped their exacto knives and picked up their shovels for Saturday's AIA Sandcastle Competition in Galveston.


In News Today . . .

So close.

After a whirlwind Saturday night when the UH baseball team escaped tragedy time and time again in a 14-inning, 5-2 win, fate seemed to be on the Cougars' side.

In Opinion Today . . .

Major players in the music industry, including very major corporations (Sony's pretty doggone major) are losing their fair share of the big-money music pie. They're pouting about Napster, a free Internet service that allows users to download music files from other users' mp3 libraries, in the meantime making their own library available for other users.

In Entertainment Today . . .

When band members refer to themselves as the Queens of the Stone Age, this reviewer would hope that the artists that make up the band would be transgendered hippies lip-syncing Grateful Dead songs.

In Sports Today . . .

If the San Jose Spartans had it their way, they would probably move the site of the College World Series from Omaha, Neb. to Texas.

But the way the Spartans are playing in this postseason, it may not matter.


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