Monday, September 13, 1999
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 15
New UHPD nears completion

TKE attempts IFC suspension

Defense disappears as Cougars are washed away by Crimson Tide 37-10


The Adventures of Ruth the Pig



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Maximum Peel-Out

Game Reviw:
Sled Storm

Movie Review: The Third Man

Movie Review:
Blue Streak

Nandagiri on Being the Other

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These Cougars refuse to lose without a fight

UH Soccer

UH Volleyball

Drexler brings in Calvin Murphy, Jr.

About the Cougar

Coogs vs the Crimson Tide

Barry Watson/The Daily Cougar

Houston's Nikia Adderson (91) brings down Alabama's Andrew Z (5), but it was not enough to stop the Crimson Tide.

In News Today . . .

Though technical problems and heavy rain this summer have delayed construction on a new headquarters building for the UH Police, officials say the facility should be completed by Christmas.

In Opinion Today . . .

Many people ask me if I liked growing up Indian. I'd be asked, "Do you guys like worship the cow, dude?" or my personal favorite, "Don't you guys eat eyeball soup like in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?" Yeah, we eat that right after our T-bone steak with a side of snakes (which, by the way, comes out of a larger snake's belly). OK ... not quite.

In Entertainment Today . . .

Every winter you hear about skiing, snowboarding and the person who broke an arm trying to do a sick trick on the slopes.

Now, with Electronic Arts' newest endeavor, Sled Storm, you get the chance to show off your moves on (oddly enough) a snowmobile.

In Sports Today . . .

It was Rocky Balboa against Apollo Creed on Saturday -- the gutsy underdog against the polished champion.

The Cougars absorbed punch after punch from a heavyweight Alabama offense whose front line outweighed the UH defenders by almost 50 pounds per man.

Photo courtesy of Rialto Pictures

Alida Valli and Orson Welles star in the re-released classic The Third Man, now showing at Landmark's Greenway 3.


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