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To the editor,

The staff editorial "Where there's a will," (Opinion, June 28), stated: "One can't help but be puzzled by the University's utter lack of respect for staff employees."

As a UH alumnus and former staff member, I can very easily say that the entire bureaucratic structure of the University and its staff suffer from the same problems that almost every large organization suffers from. People are more concerned with influence trading and covering their own asses than with doing their jobs. It doesn't depend on how you do your job, it only depends on who you know.

UH, like all universities, is a multi-headed beast run by committees of mediocre middle managers firmly entrenched in their little fiefdoms. In this land, no one is ever fired. It once took a month to fire a part-time employee that dropped off the face of the earth and hadn't shown up for two weeks.

Undesirable people are just shuffled around from department to department until their souls are finally sucked dry of ambition; initiative is not rewarded and everyone sinks into a gradual malaise.

People are cogs in the great UH machine. Is anyone surprised when the people sitting atop this beast want to make the cogs more interchangeable?

Alex Pavloff,
alumnus, '99, ex-UH staff member

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