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Gordon welcomes musical freedom

Nina Gordon

Tonight And The Rest Of My Life
Warner Bros. Records
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By Kunal Mishra
Daily Cougar Staff

After calling it a day with the band she co-founded -- Veruca Salt -- vocalist Nina Gordon has decided to pursue a solo career.

"I think the best way to put it is to say that we worked together for six years and got to a point where we just weren't enjoying the process as much as we once had," she said.

"Six years is about the longest I've ever done any one thing and, of course, walking away from those relationships was very difficult. But the fact was we were no longer on the same page, personally or creatively. When you're in a band, particularly one with two singers and songwriters, you end up editing and altering your work to fit into that format."

Now Gordon has the freedom of artistic creativity. Tonight And The Rest Of My Life took seven months to record in Hawaii.

Now that her former band Veruca Salt has broken up, Nina Gordon attempts to establish her own style on her debut CD, Tonight and the Rest of My Life.

Kate Garner/Warner Bros. Records

Gordon's solo album has left the edginess of Veruca Salt behind. Don't expect to find anything like the trademark "Seether."

The closest thing to her former band is the fourth track, "Badway." Besides that song there are a few fleeting moments of crunchy guitar sounds. Tonight And The Rest Of My Life is filled with songs that could be put on the movie soundtrack for a romantic comedy.

However, these songs would not be able to take center stage on the soundtrack. Most of these numbers would act as a side accompaniment to the main songs.

Gordon pours her personal feelings into these lyrics, but a couple of the lines are cheesy: "He takes me everywhere he goes and he goes everywhere/He likes to try on all my clothes but not my underwear."

In "Hate Your Way" a few of the lyrics are, "I'm a fool for you/Had to sell my soul but you were so rock and roll." Gordon can do without lyrics like these.

Musically, Tonight And The Rest Of My Life replaces Lollapalooza with Lilith Fair.

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