Tuesday, September 14, 1999
University of Houston
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Volume 65, Issue 16
Asian minor OK despite confusion

Kincaid: a threat to student press?

Smith Branch Library work to begin


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Album Review: Vitamin C

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'Monday, Monday'

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Mechanical engineering senior Mario Turcios and psychology junior Lety Carrasco escape the sun's rays under a tree near the M. D. Anderson Library on Monday.


In News Today . . .

Despite confusion in course numberings for one of its required courses, the new Asian-American Studies minor program has had a successful start.

In Opinion Today . . .

I'm never called on in class. Some people call it luck. I consider it to be due to my excessive knowledge and appreciation of the art of body language.

In Entertainment Today . . .

Norman Brown's Warner Bros. debut, Celebration, would have fit perfectly into the rotation of the now defunct 98.5 Smooth Jazz radio station. The station had its bright moments, but it would frequently head toward the realm of five-star hotel lobby music.

In Sports Today . . .

Mike Green isn't your typical college football player.

While many players know everything there is to know about the NFL, in hopes that one day they will be playing at that level, the UH running back doesn't even watch pro-football.

And when his teammates are playing PlayStation with NFL players, Green sticks with what he knows best -- college football.



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