Wednesday, July 26, 2000
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Volume 65, Issue 162 

Initial planning phase for Rec 2000 complete

Martin: Campus will remain safe

Let LSS help you stretch your mind

Monday night party set for National Night Out



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'Pop' goes the music industry: teeny-boppers dominate

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World Cup 2008

Ann Richter/The Daily Cougar

Callie Boyette (with ball) and Lauren Perryman participate in some friendly one-on-one at the field behind the Alumni center during a soccer camp Tuesday afternoon. The camp, sponsored by the UH Women's Soccer Team, will continue through Friday.


In News Today . . .

Preliminary floor plans and schematic designs completed for the prospective UH Recreation and Wellness Center will keep development of that facility on schedule for an expected completion date around January 2003, one source said.

In Opinion Today . . .

In last week's column I wrote about a difference in attitude between Americans and Canadians. I received one dissenting letter, but generally speaking, those talked to (on both sides of the border) agreed that on the whole, Americans are more individualistically minded and Canadians are more collectively minded. I believe both of these attitudes have merit.

In Entertainment Today . . .

I have two words to describe today's popular music: teen pop. It is a phenomenon that has returned with full force.!

In Sports Today . . .

It doesn't matter if World Championship Wrestling continues getting killed in the ratings. So long as Hulk Hogan remains but an ugly memory, numbers don't mean squat.


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