Wednesday, August 9, 2000
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 166 

SGA controversy reaches Freshman Council

UH system proffers budget for approval

Texas A&M students plan unofficial bonfire fire despite hazards

HSF taking scholarship applications




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Album Review: Splender

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De La Garza signs off

Forsberg's farewell

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'This isn't that fool's gold not is it?'

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

MBA graduate Barry Turcotte orders a graduation ring from Pam Riser, a representative from Art Carved Class Rings at the University Center.


In News Today . . .

Student Government Association President James Robertson Jr. has been accused of stalling Freshman Council efforts.

In Opinion Today . . .

I wrote a "goodbye" type of column for the last issue of the spring semester. It wasn't my last issue as editor in chief, but it was my last chance to speak to a wider audience than what is usual for the summer. I'm sorry to say that, unless you know me (which is kind of hard to do unless you live in the newsroom, too), this column will be mostly inside information. If you don't like it ... write a letter to the editor.

In Entertainment Today . . .

What sets bands apart from each other these days? Is it the ability to be lumped together with other alterna-pop bands to the point of being confused with the more popular ones?

In Sports Today . . .

We may still be two months away from the start of training camp for NBA teams, but that hasn't stopped the hectic activity in the free agent market.


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