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UH system proffers budget for approval

By Audrey Warren
Daily Cougar Staff

If approved by the Board of Regents, the UH System will enjoy a $744 million budget for fiscal year 2001, according to a plan presented by Chancellor Arthur K. Smith.

Experiencing a 9-percent increase from UH's FY 2000 budget of $679 million, the new budget will also include $207 million in state general revenue appropriations.

From the total budget, UH central campus will receive $542 million -- a 12-percent increase from the $483 million appropriated last fiscal year to the campus.

Budget goals for the central campus focus on improving areas such as undergraduate education, research, partnership and public service, diversity and opportunity, university advancement, information technology and globalism.

The budget also invests $4.1 million into increasing salaries for faculty.

FY '00 and '01 represent the first biennium in which the System has received significant new state resources.

In anticipation of the new resources, UH developed a comprehensive plan to allocate budget funds to initiatives planned for both 2000 and 2001 fiscal years.

One such initiative for FY '01 includes a Texas Learning and Computation Center -- a multidisciplinary program within the computational sciences. The TLC's objective is to develop applications to train the information technology work force.

Additional budget initiatives are aimed at enhancing scholarship opportunities, financial aid efficiency and services for students with disabilities.

The System budget plan also includes $72 million for UH-Clear Lake's budget. A 12-percent increase from the $64.6 million budget the campus had the previous fiscal year.

UH-Downtown will take $69.2 million for its budget from the System total -- also an increase from its previous budget of $67.6 million.

UH-Victoria is the only campus that will experience an overall decrease in funds from the previous year under the budget plan for FY 2001.

That campus will receive $16 million -- a 17.5-percent decrease from the previous year's $19 million budget.

Also included in the System's plans is construction of a permanent $11 million facility to begin in FY '01 for a UH System campus in Fort Bend.

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