Wednesday, August 9, 2000
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 166 

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Generally speaking, nothing happens during the summer. It's usually a time when students get caught up with classes. We at The Daily Cougar usually stay in a holding pattern and gear up for the big Registration Issue (set to hit newsstands Aug. 21).

The summer usually means an occasional story about a guest lecturer or a new UH employee.

But this year, something got us excited about working here during the summer. Stuff happened. And not just more guests than usual -- no, it was hard-hitting stuff, stuff usually reserved for the spring or fall.

The Student Government Association got the ball rolling by presenting a bill of impeachment against its president, James Robertson Jr. The investigative committee will continue to look into the charges before determining if they have any credence. The matter will then go back to the Senate.

Next, UH-Clear Lake Police Chief Mike Herbst was accused of sexually harassing a female co-worker and urging that test scores be altered. The matter was quickly hushed, and getting people to talk was about as fun as ... well ... getting people to talk. Herbst was later cleared of the harassment charges by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.

Then, model citizen Gary Graham continued to refuse his punishment, bringing the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Nation of Islam leader Quannell X and former celebrity Bionca Jagger to rally behind this most worthy of martyrs.

Then UH dismissed Police Chief George Hess, citing insubordinate behavior and attempts to discredit the University. To make matters better, the University dismissed Assistant Police Chief Frank Cempa three days later for pretty much the same reasons.

Finally, the administration completely disregarded the SGA impeachment process and made its own ruling concerning the dismissals of SGA Director of Finance Leigh Street and Director of Public Relations Kim Webb. Apparently, the University has now added the SGA to its list of departments. Effectiveness and student participation be damned. It's true, it's true.

What does all this mean for the coming semester? Surely all the house cleaning was done during the summer, when no one would be around to read about it, right? Right?

Well, from a purely selfish standpoint, there's no such thing as bad news.


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