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Virtua Tennis a near-perfect game

The Game Boy

By Brandon H. Franks

How y'all doing? GB here, filled to the brim with games. I'd like to let you know what's going down in the game scene. So before I get to the reviews I'll let you in on a little preview of a cool game.

Preview time

With Square's ongoing Summer of Adventure lineup, Aug. 16 will see Crono Cross, the sequel to Crono Trigger, hit stores nationwide. Having played a couple of hours of the game myself, I can say it's pretty sweet. The CGIs are intertwined smoothly into the gameplay, and the story so far is kind of freaky to say the least. Rest assured Square is doing justice with this sequel.

Another interesting game, Jaleco's Vampire Hunter D, is projected to be released at the end of September. The game should be presented along with a new theater-release anime, also named Vampire Hunter D, and a re-release of the original movie on video and DVD.

Because the new movie hasn't come out yet, I've yet to tell how much the game goes along with the movie. I will say it certainly has the same style as the D anime, along with some awesome cut scenes.

Now, the reviews

Deus Ex from Eidos Interactive for the PC is a semi-futuristic 3-D shooter. The game is incredibly difficult because it takes a while to get anywhere. The weapons are cool, and graphically the game is dark and has some good effects. It has a good plot, but it just takes a while to get into the game. B-

Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn for the PlayStation from Activision is a terrific espionage game. You spend your time on a train trying to save an ambassador and his family. The graphics for the whole game are almost CGI-looking, and the package benefits from a good challenge, cool story and great action. A-

SquareSoft's Threads of Fate for PlayStation is not the norm for Square. It's an actual action adventure that has some tricky puzzles and a good storyline. The only problem is that you don't get a good view while doing the puzzles. The creatures you can turn into are helpful, but the game isn't as good as Square's others. B+

For the Dreamcast, Sega Sports gives us Virtua Tennis. This is a fantastic game! All the different modes give a great challenge. It's great two-player fun. In the World Circuit mode, you can train while you play, and it certainly makes you strive to be the best. The movements of the players are really accurate and give the game a higher level of reality. A+

Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm from Crave is for the Dreamcast as well. It's a medieval fantasy game that has incredible graphics and secrets as the plot opens up. The game takes a while, but is well worth getting through. If you love adventures where you can hack and slash with a sword, this is the game for you. A+

The last game is another title from Sega Sports for the Dreamcast. World Series Baseball 2K1 is graphically a realistic look at baseball. Even the controls bring you close to the real thing. This is not your usual baseball game -- it's difficult even in rookie mode.

Some of the game doesn't make sense, like why it switches to slow motion when someone is trying to steal a base. Overall it's fun and really challenges your skill. A-

Next time, be on the lookout for Strider 2. Yep, the arcade hit is back and better than ever. I also just acquired Kiss Psycho Circus and Heavy Metal: Fakk 2 from Gathering of Developers. These were both hot topics at the E3 festival, and I hope both will stand up to the hype. Wait and see. Peace!

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