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Bischoff may be gone; blood boils hot

The Wrestling Report

Ed De La Garza

 This is the last edition of The Wrestling Report -- for the summer. This column moves back to the entertainment section in the fall.

 Let's run through some quick news before getting into the New Blood Rising pay-per-view preview.

 It's being reported that Eric Bischoff left World Championship Wrestling in favor of a lucrative production deal with Fox. This could be part of the nWo's rebirth. It could also mean Vince Russo is back in full control of the company.

 TNN has started filming promotional spots for the World Wrestling Federation in anticipation of its move from the USA network. It's hoping to make sure fans know the switch is going to happen -- and when it's going to happen.

 Russo's "shoot interview" was scrapped from Thunder because he talked about sensitive topics, namely the Bash at the Beach incident (when Hulk Hogan was trashed in front of a live audience). So, instead he gave a new interview broadcast during Nitro in which he stayed in character.

Bad blood
 WCW's New Blood Rising (Sunday, 7 p.m., PPV), originating from Vancouver, takes the place of the company's usual August event, Road Wild. It looks like an interesting card.

WCW World Title: Booker T (Champion) vs. Jeff Jarrett
 Booker's been hurt for a while, but it's still not time for him to drop the belt. It should be a great match. Prediction: Booker T.
Three Way Dance For The No. 1 Contender: Scott Steiner vs. Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg
 The winner of this no-disqualification match gets a title shot at Fall Brawl. There's some legitimate heat between these three. Goldberg has turned into the new Hogan, complete with ego and booking demands. If Nash loses, it's further proof  the nWo's coming back. Prediction: Steiner.

Sting vs. The Demon
 Hopefully, this'll be a squash match. Count on some interference from Vampiro and the Great Muta. Prediction: Sting.

WCW Canadian Title: Lance Storm (Champion) vs. Mike Awesome
 Storm's been getting some huge heel heat. Though Awesome's in the middle of a big push, it would be a shame to kill Storm's momentum. In a perfect world, Awesome would win via disqualification. Prediction: Awesome (via DQ).

 Other matches on the card have Tag Team Champions Kronic defending their titles against The Perfect Event, Misfits In Action and the team of Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire. Shane Douglas defends Torrie Wilson in his match against that no good Billy Kidman.

 Major Gunns will face Miss Hancock in an ROTC match. The first woman to strip the other's camouflage outfit off is the winner. As an added bonus, it's a mud wrestling match.

 The Jung Dragons face 3 Count in a double ladder match. 3 Count's "gold record" will be hanging above one ladder while their recording contract will be above the other. It's got the potential of having some nice high spots.

 Finally, Kanyon will wrestle Buff Bagwell for the valet rights to Judy Bagwell. The match itself could be good. It's just the gimmick that sucks.

 Predictions: Kronic, Kidman, Miss Hancock, the Jung Dragons and Kanyon.

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