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Service helps in job search

By Reagan Graham
News Reporter 

UH students hoping to get involved with an exciting career may find all the help they need at their fingertips.

Through a free service provided by the University, students can get help writing résumés and have them electronically forwarded to hundreds of prospective employers in minutes.

Students begin by taking about 30 minutes to fill out data file information, which includes grade-point averages, areas of interest and contact information for the internal application process. The information is not seen by employers.

After the information is entered and a student is satisfied with his or her résumé, it can be faxed by University Career Services. "Through keyword searches, we can target the right résumé," said Assistant Vice President for Student Services David Small. "In just 10 minutes, résumés can be faxed to employers."

Program Coordinator Mario Marcos said students generally receive a response within a few days.

The Résumé Bank service is provided for all students. It can help them find internships, on- and off-campus jobs and part-time or full-time work, Small said.

Through UCS, students can also gain access to Job Scan, a job-search program that allows students to surf through hundreds of available jobs, Marcos said.

Small said 25,000 specific job openings were available through UCS last year. According to Marcos, use of the Résumé Bank may be the best way for students to jump-start a career.

"It's a little treasure hidden inside the school," he said. "If you give it a little bit of time, you're not guaranteed (to find the perfect job), but you're more likely to get a job where you want to be."

The UCS, located in the Student Service Center, is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Friday. Résumé Bank does not require an appointment.

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