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UH's Shotokan Karate Club marks 21st year

By Vu Nguyen
News Reporter 

The Shotokan Karate Club kicked off another year at UH with its 21st anniversary celebration Saturday at the University Center.

The exhibition featured nearly 200 participants and representatives from 10 area martial arts schools, which entertained guests with katas and techniques performed by state and national champions.

The UH Shotokan Karate group started the demonstration with a series of self-defense techniques. Vovinam, another martial arts club at UH, received a standing ovation for its acrobatic techniques.

The event concluded with a demonstration from Bushiban Karate, in which 10 concrete blocks were broken with one blow.

Deddy Mansyur, founder and chief instructor of the Shotokan Karate Club, said he has trained more than 5,000 martial artists in his 21 years of teaching. The club offers a noncredit karate course to the University community at no charge through the Department of Campus Activities.

Since it began, the club has produced several national champions. For example, Mansyur recently won second place in national kata (form) competition, and his student Boye Osinulu won third place in a national kumite (sparring) contest.

The club hoped this weekend's event would not only celebrate the club's anniversary and entertain the crowd, but also educate the public about the benefits of practicing martial arts.

Mansyur said he hopes the Shotokan Karate Club continues at UH.

"We would like to continue for another 21 years, because 21 years is still young," he said.

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