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Eye-burning band Chlorine comes home for Thursday show

By Christine McCreary
Daily Cougar Staff 

Houston-based rockers Chlorine, fresh from their release of their latest CD, Primer, will return home for a show at Numbers on Thursday.

Opening for Chlorine will be special musical guests Pushmonkey and Casino.

Chlorine is composed of Mark Fain (vocals and guitar), Chris Henrich (guitar), Jared Mueller (bass) and Eddie Travis (drums).

Although Primer is Chlorine's debut on Time Bomb Recordings, Fain and Travis have been jamming together on and off since 1991.

The two met up later with Henrich and Mueller and began playing together. It didn't take long for the quartet to realize it had the chemistry for success, and Chlorine was born.

Nearly all the members of Chlorine where born and bred in Texas, except Henrich, who hails from Louisiana. That may explain why Primer has such a backwoods-Louisiana flavor, full of electric guitars accompanying Fain's raspy vocals.

Chlorine's influences include Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, The Cure and early music of the Cult. But the sound of Primer could easily be compared to that of alternative band Soul Asylum.

With lyrics like "The Warhol days and art school phase / Are left back on some other page / So let it be / Just like your obscure bands," the track "Live A Lie" has a really catchy bass line reminiscent of El Flaco's sidewinding, snakelike rhythms.

Celeste Wells/Time Bomb Recordings

Hard-rocking alt band Chlorine brings its intoxicating, Soul Asylum-like sound to Houston on Thursday.

Another noteworthy song that is somewhat more aggressive than the other tracks is "Get to Tomorrow," which paints vivid lyrical pictures: "If what goes up comes down / Then the floor is where I'm bound."

With Fain's vocal versatility in exploring various moods, Primer takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster. The album does feature some more mellow tunes, like "Over You." Fain said his music tends to either be intense or mellow, but not often in-between.

"When it comes to life, I have no sense of middle ground," he said. "It is either high highs or low lows, but I use that in the music.

"On stage, it's what makes Chlorine. It's my own shrink," Fain said.

Those highs and lows are definitely captured in Primer.

The doors open at 8 p.m., and tickets can be purchased at TicketMaster and Record Rack for $10. Numbers is located at 300 Westheimer near Taft.

For more information on Chlorine's music, check out Time Bomb's Web site, www.timebombrecordings.com.

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