Friday, September 17, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 19

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All things being equal

To the editor,

While I was surprised to see the statistics on the numbers of women vs. men professors and am ashamed of the president's Cabinet and Dean's Council's lack of females ("Where have all the women gone? They're still here," Opinion, Sept. 15), it should be noted that at least the younger generation seems to be getting a handle on the diversity issue.

The Residence Halls Association is one of the largest organizations on campus, planning activities and programs for the improvement of life for on-campus residents. And many of our leadership positions are filled by women. In fact, I think half, if not more, of the RHA representatives are female. Both our president, Jaime Seamands, and our adviser, Aimee Zimmer, are women, and there is only one man, Adam Miller, on the executive board at all.

We are the leaders of tomorrow today. Hopefully this foretells a brighter future for equality among the sexes.

Vanessa Lee,
president, Settegast Hall

No wonder it's so green!

To the editor,

Many parents have told their children: "Money doesn't just grow on trees." That may be true, but in my two years at UH, I have noticed that it does grow on the ground. It's that green stuff the grounds maintenance crews are casually raking in.

I can't imagine that I am the only one who has noticed the level of ambition of our landscaping crews. But I thought I would comment and bring a few thoughts to the attention of the students who are paying for this level of "work."

The irony of it lies in the environment in which this complacency is taking place. Students and faculty are rushing about, trying to find the most efficient and effective way to get everything done. The life of a well balanced, full-time student, in my opinion, is the epitome of efficiency. I have even mapped the quickest way from my car to class.

The underlying issue here isn't as much the frustration at lack of ambition as it is the fact that we (the students) are paying for slow work. I have witnessed many employees with trimmers in hand looking as if they weren't quite sure what to do next. I have observed others trying to juggle a tool in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

If these crews are paid hourly, it is no wonder that tuition increases. If they are salaried employees, just think of the money we could save by increasing incentives for productivity, thereby alleviating the need for so many employees.

In an effort to manage my efforts in school, family, church and work, I would like to know that my tuition is not being spent on less than ambitious employees who are no more committed to their work than a child who daydreams of gleaning money from a tree.

Chris Larsen,
senior, psychology

Oh, no! It's The Tube!

To the editor,

It may have escaped your notice, but UH has a TV contract with Houston's Channel 55 -- that's "The Tube" -- that guarantees our football games (such as last Saturday's) getting on the air in Houston. As a delicious bit of irony, now take note of one additional fact: The UH dorm cable service doesn't carry this channel. At all.

Even if residents went to their own rabbit-ear antennas, they couldn't get the game because the UH buildings effectively cut TV signals off -- at least down to the point of being unwatchable (hence the need for our cable feed). On most campuses, the on-campus crowd would be considered to be the backbone of the fan base and supporters of the football team.

Can somebody explain why we can't get the game in our rooms? UH administration, take note: You can whine all you like about "poor school spirit," but when we can't watch our own team getting beat into a bloody pulp like it did last weekend, we're not very likely to be supportive.

The smaller things that you could be doing, and aren't, lead more to a downturn in spirit than any major stunts you might want to try to ever bring it up.

Name withheld by request

Strike up the band

To the editor,

I would just like to thank the Moores School of Music for its Collage musical presentation on Thursday evening. Fast-paced and filled with bits of humor, it entertained as well as showcased the musical talents of our students.

It is very nice to have a concert like this (especially free) that lets people know what the music school is about. The show opened my eyes and ears and was well worth my time.

The University can be proud of its music students, and I hope we can see more of this kind of thing in the future.

Andy Steinke,
sophomore, math

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