Tuesday, September 21, 1999
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 21
Questions linger about notetaking businesses

Grant will aid research in retinal repair

Veterans' Center expands services

Character, academics and service are allmarks of NPHC soroities

MVP gives Cougars the chance to make a difference


The Adventures of Ruth the Pig



In House

Maximum Peel-Out

Local artist Debra Gayle uses engaging stage presence to wow crowds

Album Review:
Chris Cornell

Concert Reveiw:
Tom Petty

Soundtrack Preview:
Deep Blue Sea

Moeller on Lines

O'Neal with Questions

Bongat on Mrs. America?

Trevino: Know Thyself

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

Player Profile:
Kara Bullinger

Sports Opinion

NCAA/Top 25 Notebook

Player Profile:
Jennifer Wittenburg

About the Cougar

Learning (to be) Greek

Danesh Singh/The Daily Cougar

Interfraternity Council members direct new fraternity pledges in an ice-breaker activity Monday evening at "Greek 101," an orientation session for enw members of the UH Greek community.


In News Today . . .

The business of selling lecture notes to university students is expanding rapidly, attracting both criticism and support. 

Services like Our SMA Review, located near the UH campus, offer lecture notes, examination study sessions and examination preparation reviews for a price to students who want to supplement their own notes. 

In Opinion Today . . .

The best humor on campus isn't found in this paper. It's found where many souls dread to tread -- in one of the many lines on campus.

In Entertainment Today . . .

Without even knowing it, Debra Gayle was country when country wasn't cool. Born and raised in Hattiesburg, Miss., she developed a passion for singing by performing church solos at the tender age of four.

In Sports Today . . .

She's shy and takes her time to consider each question before speaking.

Who would guess that someone so quiet could make a deafening roar on the soccer field?

Are note-taking services ethical? Read more about it in news

Photo illustration by Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

More Internet businesses are offering lecture notes online for courses at colleges across the nation, including UH,m but some faculty members and adminstrators are concerned about the legality of such services.

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