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Notes for sale or rent

Imagine not having to go to class when you can just purchase notes taken by someone else -- a genius idea.

Imagine not having to read your required text when you can just obtain a collection of previous questions and answers to tests used in past semesters -- another genius idea.

Okay, honestly, these companies have narrowly dodged every illegal way of obtaining study material for lazy students. It's convenient, but it's not necessarily the best way to obtain an education.

Besides, it's expensive, too. Our SMA Review charges students $30 to obtain cheat sheets -- err, study material. That's a lot of dough. That's two CDs. That's six extra value meals. That's one concert T-shirt!

Then there are the Web sites. Yes, you can actually obtain notes at sites such as StudentU.com, NotesU.com and allstudents.com. However, it's been said that these sites don't really offer that much. Apparently, the notes are not of high quality and they don't really pertain to the class's lectures.

At least it's free.

Notetaking businesses like Our SMA Review are moneymakers aimed at suckers. Just like other businesses that try to make something look a lot more valuable than it actually is, notetaking businesses are making a lot of money by selling cheat sheets to lazy suckers.

If you're looking for the easy way out, this is for you. You can spend your wad on something that your lazy butt should be obtaining by working for it.

Buying your way to an A is cheating. It's like the president buying votes. It's like log rolling. It's like pork barrel spending.

You've already paid a heck of a lot of money to get into that class. Why spend more to pass it? Sure, it sounds like a good idea, but you spent that tuition money to get into class and learn something on your own. You basically paid to be there. With buying notes, you're paying not to be there.

If you're on a full scholarship, congratulations. But if you're paying for your own classes and taking advantage of Our SMA Review, you're paying too much money. If your parents are paying for your education, you're wasting their money.

Notes for sale -- a genius idea ... for suckers.


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