Thursday, Septmeber 23, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 23

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'I'm OK, UH is OK'

The Fall Faculty Assembly on Wednesday was thick with praise. Board of Regents Chairman Charles McMahen praised UH for its progress, leadership and potential. He praised students, faculty, staff and alumni for their work with the Texas Legislature. He praised the University's leaders and their long-term vision and the fact that the Board of Regents can just sit back and be a Board of Regents.

UH President Arthur K. Smith demonstrated the University's commitment to all things praiseworthy with the fiscal year 2000 budget, which stresses academics, expansion and improvement in all quarters.

No longer will students be ashamed of their libraries -- the budget has allocated more money for acquisitions. No longer will we have to worry about declining enrollment -- the budget focuses on retention and recruitment. No longer will faculty and staff have to worry as much about their pay being lower than average -- the budget sees that they will at least be an average of 8 percent happier in the next two years.

These are all good things, and indeed, our work as a university deserves some applause. We have managed to come back from the depths of a near-chaotic administrative environment, a lack of school spirit, declining enrollment, a scandal-ridden Athletics program and an academic situation that was nothing to write home about. The University is clearly headed in the right direction.

However, we hope all this positive momentum doesn't end in complacency.

Just because the administration has done good things for the University doesn't mean we should demand any less from it. Just because our faculty is getting better doesn't mean there is no room for improvement. Just because we've renovated several classrooms doesn't mean we shouldn't consider building new, better ones.

It seems that UH has a tendency to reach the brink of greatness, then allow it to slip away. We can't let that happen. If we really want this to be as great a university as we claim, we must all do our part to help it along.

After all, if we don't do our part, no one else is going to do it for us. So you don't want to be a student at "Cougar High?" Don't act like you are one.


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