Monday, September 27, 1999
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 25

UH alumna lands role in movie

UH hopes to dodge PeopleSoft 'arrows'

Cougars lose to UAB Blazers 29-10


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Cougars' bad outing sheds light on Conference USA's competitiveness

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'Go Speed Racer, go-o'

Pete Medrano/The Daily Cougar

Race car driver Tom Harris wuns through time trial in anticipation of the Gradn Prix of Houston held Sunday in downtown Houston. The now-annual event draws spectators from accross the world.


In News Today . . .

For native Houstonian and UH alumna Rana Fisher, public attention is nothing new. The 1995 marketing graduate has had a successful modeling career -- she is featured in an advertising campaign for Hanes pantyhose, and her face appears on every Wells Fargo automatic teller machine in California.

In Opinion Today . . .

A couple of years ago Maktar Njayia of North Carolina claimed that a white freshman basketball player from Utah called him the N word. Thus he subsequently spit on the Utah player causing a controversy during the NCAA basketball tournament. A few days later Njayia retracted his comments and said the white player never said the word and he was sorry he spat on him.

In Entertainment Today . . .

Since the dawn of the ever-changing age of the console, one game series has stood out as one of the best role-playing-game series which sets the standard for all the others.

In Sports Today . . .

When Conference USA was founded in 1995, the public sentiment deemed the league as an established and solid basketball conference. Many people thought football was more or less an afterthought. The hope was to give football a little time and maybe it would develop into a decent or pretty good conference.


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