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Y2K should be a silent night

Emergency team will be on duty to ensure everything goes well

By Miriam Garcia
Daily Cougar Staff 

An emergency response team will spend New Year's Eve on the UH campus to provide immediate attention in case of any "Y2K" system failures.

The Year 2000 team is confident that all UH computers and systems are Y2K compliant, but like other organizations throughout the world, it will be on site and ready to respond to any problems.

The effort is the second of three program phases aimed to eliminate any system failure.

Faculty and staff made an inventory of all the systems in their departments and worked to make them Y2K compliant by upgrading, converting and re-engineering software and systems during the first phase.

Those systems will be tested after Dec. 31 to reassure they function correctly.

Steven Green, associate vice chancellor of Information Technology, said the worst problems are taken care of and UH is now preparing for any small problems that could occur New Year's Day.

"I don't think we are expecting any problems," Green said. "It is just good business practice to be prepared."

Green will manage the New Year's Eve team that will make sure the infrastructure of the University -- including the lighting, water and telephone systems -- is functioning correctly. He said the utility companies are Y2K complaint, and his team will make sure every utility is working to assure that the University can open its doors on Jan. 3.

"If there were any problems, we would be in a position Sunday (Jan. 2) to declare a close to the University," Green said.

He said the biggest problem, if any, could be a public panic. UH is just "a little part of the Y2K story" and the effort to make other businesses compliant is also great, Green said, but people may still panic.

He assured that in a worst-case scenario, his team will be equipped with cellular phones and radio frequency phones if the regular systems should fail.

In addition, building monitors will be appointed for each building to monitor the campus Jan. 1 and 2 to make sure the networks, elevators and computers function properly.

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