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UH rape awareness program continues

By Audrey Warren
Senior Staff Writer 

UH will continue promoting date-rape awareness today with information tables, lectures and a panel discussion.

Tuesday and today were chosen to observe date rape awareness because the Fall semester is still relatively young, and as the school year progresses students begin planning more parties, said Melissa Smith, graduate assistant at the Wellness Center.

Smith stressed that alcohol is a very strong factor in date rape.

Such information will be discussed during events that focus on informing students about rape prevention, with a focus on date rape.

To promote campus safety, Hudson-Gillan, psychologist at Counseling and Psychological Services, will give a lecture at noon today at the Cougar Den.

And, at 6 p.m., a panel will discuss rape awareness at the Oberholtzer East Cafeteria. The panel will include Hudson-Gillan, Lt. Malcolm Davis of the UH Police Department and Kelly Young, manager of the Counseling Services at the Houston Area Women's Center.

Pamphlets on protective measures and safety tips, as well as information about the events, can be picked up at the Wellness Center all day.

Sexual assault in general has been a hot topic on campus since August, when a Quadrangle resident was attacked, prompting the University to take up more strict security policies around campus and in residence halls.

During the past two years, RLH has made several changes to increase campus safety for residents. They include a reduction in the number of entrance doors to buildings, the installation of door alarms, enhanced outdoor lighting, lock replacement and a card-swipe entry system at the Quad.

RLH is also investigating the feasibility of installing security cameras outside residence halls, said Andy Blank, RLH executive director.

"We're always thinking about safety," Blank said.

Since 1989 there have only been five reported cases of sexual assault at UH, said Cindy Suggs, director of External Communications.

The rape prevention and awareness events are being co-sponsored by the Wellness Center and Counseling and Psychological Services, the Houston Area Women's Center, Residential Life and Housing, the UH Police Department and the Women's Resource Center.

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