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Dungeon Keeper 2 for PC lets you the gamer be bad for a change

Dungeon Keeper 2

For PC
Bullfrog Productions
ESRB Rating: Mature

Grade C+

By Brandon Franks
Daily Cougar Staff 

In a time where good always triumphs in video games, it's OK to be on the dark side every once and a while.

Dungeon Keeper 2 from Bullfrog/Electronic Arts is the game that lets you do just that: build dungeons, create your minions and then unleash them on those goody-two-shoe Heroes.

Basically, the story is that King Reginald has restored good to the land of Harmonia. The king gave a land to each of his knights that remained after a battle lasting several decades, and asked them to guard a Portal Gem that, when put together, opens the gate between the Underworld and the Sunlight Kingdom of the Heroes.

As the Dungeon Keeper you must conquer each realm and get the gems so you can escape from the Underworld. Of course, there are other Keepers as well, so you've got to be the best at being evil.

It's good to be bad in the fiery, energetic Dungeon Keeper 2.

Photo courtesy of Bullfrog Productions and Electronic Arts

You can create traps, rooms, creatures and use spells, all in the name of evil. The rooms are necessary to your creatures if you don't want them to be upset. Rooms like the Casino, which let them relax, and Training rooms that hone their battle skills are just two of the rooms in Dungeon Keeper 2.

For those who never played the first Dungeon Keeper, this is a strategy game, but it does not seem like one.

Unlike other strategy games and the first Dungeon Keeper, each creature has its own space and moves on its own. In fact, when you drop the creature to a certain place in the dungeon, it becomes stunned for a short time.

The graphics are a bit bulky but the animations rock! Another good thing about the graphics is that it's a totally 3-D environment. You can pull the camera back to survey your whole area or zoom in and spin to survey a particular creature or room.

The challenge is medium and it's great when the battles happen. The drawback, though, is just like in other strategy games -- you have to do a lot of labor for each little thing.

Dungeon Keeper 2 is good, but it doesn't take long for you to lose interest in it. The most you'll probably play this game is one month, or possibly two if you're in to the multi-player online mode.

Pros: Getting to be the bad guy for a while; the accessibility of the camera movement.

Cons: It can get boring very quickly.

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