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New tennis coach Hyde and senior Seliounina lead team to great start

UH Tennis

By Justin Taillon
Daily Cougar Staff 

Women's tennis had their first tournament of the year Sept. 17-19. The Roberta Allison Fall Classic in Tuscaloosa, Ala., proved to be an extraordinary beginning to the season.

Galina Seliounina received the second place trophy for singles, but the doubles team suffered because of the loss of Sarah Borwell, who is ranked 12th in the nation for doubles.

Overall, the team etched 12 victories in the first tournament of the season. These victories were against formidable opponents, including Florida State, Ole Miss (top five in the nation), Tulane, and many more.

The next match for the team is Oct. 1-3 at the UH Varsity Courts. The UH Fall Tennis Classic will include such teams as New Mexico, Southwest Texas, Texas Tech, Tulsa, and the University of Texas-El Paso.

This season sounds exciting, but there is even more. This year the tennis team welcomes a new head coach. Jennifer Hyde finally has a chance to lead a team of her own after being an assistant coach for five years at Iowa, Florida State, Alabama, and, most recently, North Carolina.

So far she seems to be very excited about her new job.

UH senior Galina Seliounina led the UH women's tennis team in teh Roberta Allison Fall Classic two weeks ago in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Cougar File Photo

"I've waited a long time for this opportunity, and so far I'm loving it," she said. "There's a lot of little things to get done (like) desk-work."

Nevertheless, her focus on the team is always evident.

"This year's team has a variety of personalities," Hyde said. "We have stubborn ones, happy go lucky ones, quiet ones, and some who keep to themselves. It's a nice mix."

Hyde is also attentive to her job and what she needs to accomplish this season. She has a straightforward approach to the team.

"For me, there is nothing to do but learn this year," she said. "And once the team gives in to my philosophy, there is no telling what we can accomplish."

When asked about the season and what the team could accomplish, said her intentions are to get UH a bid to the NCAA championships.

"Right now, our main focus is to get our automatic bid to the NCAA tournament," Hyde said. "As long as the players make the transition to having a new coach, we should win the conference."

In the past, she has been able to accomplish her goal of entering the top 25. Last season, she helped take an unranked North Carolina Tar Heel team into the top 25. This season, one of her goals is similar to that of last year.

Hyde said she feels UH has a lot of potential and her personal goal is to advance the Cougars into the top 10 every year.

Another reason Hyde can be so sure of herself and the team is the players she has backing her up. Of the eight players on the team this season, six of them are veterans, including stars Sarah Borwell and Galina Seliounina.

There are two new players on this season's squad: Karine Urbin of Montreal, Quebec, and Annie Rapp of Nevada.

Women's tennis is off to a great season with these new additions, the six returners and a new coach.

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