Thursday, September 30, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 28

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Unnecessary advertising

We all watch our share of television. Come on, now, admit it. You know you don't study every minute outside of class. There is plenty of television to be watched.

But how many of you watch television for the shows? You know some of the best moments lately have been during the commercials.

The Jack in the Box commercials, the Nike commercials and the Mentos commercials are always funny. You can never get enough of those.

Marketing representatives have gone crazy to capture the viewers' attention to buy their products. It's nothing new, but it's still hilarious.

Then, there are the commercials that shove it down your throat. When can we, the viewers, say we've had enough of these commercials?

There's a product out there that puts out a handful of commercials without even needing them. There are way too many tampon commercials. Yes, tampon commercials. They even play tampon commercials during ESPN's SportsCenter.

There are a few others out there, too. Yeast infection remedies and Viagra. Honestly, now why do these products need commercials? People are going to buy them if they need them.

It's kind of like a car. People are going to buy cars because they need them and they're going to buy cars that best fit their needs.

If a woman needs that tampon, she's going to buy it -- and she's going to buy the one she's most comfortable with. If a man needs his Viagra, he's going to trot to the drugstore to buy a box of performance enhancers.

We don't need commercials telling us to buy these things. If we need them, we'll buy them. We don't want some actress telling us that X-tampon is uncomfortable, so she settles for Y-tampon.

We don't want to see an actress make out with a guy in a wheelchair just to have the shot fade to black as the Viagra logo appears on the screen.

We don't need to know how an actress relieves herself of her personal irritations ... do we?

It's a plea that probably won't be heard by anyone outside the university, but at least we can all agree that some commercials are really unnecessary.


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