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System Shock 2: the sci-fi horror hit of the year

System Shock 2

For PC

Electronic Arts

ESRB Rating: Mature

Grade: A-

Brandon Franks
Daily Cougar Staff 

These days it seems the horror genre is everywhere in video games. From Resident Evil to House of the Dead it's getting to the point that nothing is really scary anymore.

So just when you thought it was safe to lean back in your easy chair, System Shock 2 comes along.

System Shock 2 from Electronic Arts and Looking Glass Studios is the ultimate in sci-fi horror. It doesn't just go "boo." It leaps out of the monitor, towers over you and goes "Boo!" You will jump out of your seat a lot throughout this game.

The cool thing about System Shock 2 is what game elements it combines. At first glance it's just a shooter, but looking closer you see that the developers combined the shooter with a unique RPG setup. System Shock 2 is designed so well you won't think about the RPG aspect.

This is a very dark game in both storyline and lighting. Your mission is to stop whatever has hit the spaceship Von Braun. I'll let you find out what it is. For those who played the first System Shock, her name starts with an S.

You will play as one of the three special forces, the Navy, the Marines or the OSA, the darkest black Ops group. The OSA has this cool psionic ability. You can pull things toward you and do many other neat tricks with this ability.

The graphics are sweet. That's about the only way to describe them. There is a cool lighting effect when a ghost from the ship appears. That will freak you out for sure.

The best way to experience System Shock 2 in all its glory is to turn off all the lights and use a set of headphones. With the headphones you will be totally immersed in this horrific world. As the spirits float by or The Many chant in the background your senses will heighten. You will definitely get to feeling like you're totally there.

The challenge is pretty good, but there are problems involving a lack of ammo and the points you use to upgrade your weapons or tech psionic powers. Another problem with System Shock 2 is that it's easy to get lost in the ship. It's more of a hassle than anything.

Despite the few problems in System Shock 2 it is a truly fun game. This game is definitely a keeper and you'll probably won't tire of it for at least four months.

Pros: Great graphics. The scare factor is off the charts!

Cons: It's really hard to get ammo and it's easy to get lost on the ship.

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