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Two UH athletes allegedly involved in brawl

By Josh Gajewski
Daily Cougar Staff

The Bayou Bucket wasn't the only battle that occurred on the night of Sept. 4.

A brawl between two student athletes, basketball junior Treva Crosby and baseball junior Jason Pekar, followed the game at a party held by the baseball team. Crosby sustained a shoulder injury in the fight that will sideline him for the entire upcoming basketball season.

Although the exact details of the event remain unclear, the event has triggered numerous rumors across campus, especially among the athletes.

"There is a high degree of disappointment within the athletic department," said UH Athletic Director Chet Gladchuk. "It is not a reflection of the spirit of the school and it's by no stretch the norm. This is an exception."

According to statements made by someone close to the athletic department who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the event happened at the home of one of the baseball players following the UH-Rice football game.

Pekar allegedly was angered when his girlfriend was being eyed by Crosby. He then confronted Crosby and the brawl soon followed.

There have been two main trains of thought on how the confrontation actually began. Pekar apparently asked Crosby if there was a problem and it is at that point that the exact elements become somewhat cloudy.

The general consensus is that Crosby answered to the effect that he wasn't sure what Pekar was talking about. When Crosby maintained his fancy on the girl, he was supposedly grabbed by Pekar, 20, who according to reports was under the influence of alcohol, and thrown to the ground.

The other viewpoint is that when Pekar approached, Crosby, 21, answered his question with an affirmative answer and the fight ensued.

Although Crosby was reportedly the only member of the basketball team at the party, basketball and soccer manager Mark Brawley was also involved.

According to reports, Brawley, who also declined comment, was struck in the face when he attempted to break up the fight, and was pulled back by an onlooker.

"There are so many stories floating around that it's difficult to decipher the facts," said Gladchuk. "This is the first time in many years of administration that anything like this has ever surfaced."

Some animosity has grown between the teams since the eventful night. The two squads share the weight room each Friday and there was some "mouthing off" that accompanied the first lifting session following the incident, according to one anonymous source.

The UH Athletic Department has yet to take any official action thus far. Gladchuk is currently intervening with the Student Athletic Advisory Committee to discuss necessary punishment.

"The matter is being approached aggressively to the point where it will not happen again," Gladchuk said.

Crosby, who could not be reached for comment, is currently preparing to undergo season-ending surgery to repair ligaments in his shoulder.

Pekar is currently wearing a cast on his left hand, but the injury is unrelated to the incident. Apparently, the hand was recently struck by a baseball during practice.

"Crosby is the recipient of unfortunate bad luck," added Gladchuk.

UH head baseball coach Rayner Noble has issued a gag order on his team, wishing that his players remain silent on the issue.

"It's in the hands of the athletic department at this point," he said.

"This is something that should never happen between athletes or any students, for that matter," said Gladchuk. "We need to better educate our people, but the issue is between the families now."

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