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Russo may finally kill Hogan's career; the WWF gives No Mercy

By Ed De La Garza
The Wrestling Report

Holy flying greaseballs -- Hulk Hogan's leaving WCW... maybe!

Upon hearing that Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara were hired by WCW, Hogan (real name Terry Bollea) gave the powers that be at Turner his 90-day notice. This is basically an out clause he is exercising. This doesn't necessarily mean the Hulkster is on his way out, however.

Determined to leave on his own terms, Hogan is going to use the 90 days to see what Russo and Ferrara do for the company, and whether or not there's still room in WCW for his ego. As the new head booker, Russo has stated that there is certainly room for Hogan -- just not at the top. That doesn't seem to coincide with Thunderlips' wishes, now does it?

After being teased on Thanksgiving '98 with what seemed like a legitimate retirement announcement on The Tonight Show, it's hard to believe Hogan will ever leave the business he's been killing for the past ten years. However, let's take a look at his interview on Monday's Nitro.

Confronted by Gene Okerlund about the rumors, Hogan, looking genuinely upset (either that, or that was the best acting he's done since the Mega Power era), stated that, come Halloween Havoc, he was going to show the world why he was still the man.

Pointing to the stands, he claimed that 20,000 fans couldn't be wrong about Hulkamania, completely forgetting that half of the people were booing him.

What do we make of his statement concerning Havoc? That's a bit tricky. Either he isn't slated to win his match against World Champion Sting and is planning to go against orders, or he is slated to win and is counting on fan reaction to show Russo that he's still worthy of top billing. If it's the latter, he's in for a rude awakening. No, Rick Rude isn't back from the dead.

If Sting is supposed to retain the belt, would Hogan disgrace the world of professional wrestling by refusing to go along? Would he make us forget what Vince McMahon did to Bret Hart in his last match with the WWF at Survivor Series '97?

Don't look now, but Halloween Havoc just got interesting. Unless that's the idea ...

Mercy? We're all out

Here's the preview for the WWF's No Mercy (Oct. 17, 7 p.m., PPV), along with predictions.

WWF World Title: HHH vs. Steve Austin -- OK, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that HHH's title reign has been a smashing failure. This may be the lead-in for Survivor Series (which should feature an Austin vs. the Rock main event) coming up next month. Prediction: Jake Roberts makes a surprise appearance as Stone Cold reclaims the belt.

The Rock vs. the Bulldog -- Why, why, why, why, why must the WWF continue pushing the Bulldog? Nobody cares about him since he stopped coming out with Matilda. Enough. Just hurry up and give Rocky the damn belt. Prediction: the Rock.

Four Corners: Bradshaw vs. Faarooq vs. Kane vs. X-Pac -- This match has a good angle going, with the possibility of Kane and X-Pac splitting up. X-Pac has been getting pounded as of late, which makes you wonder. Prediction: X-Pac.

Other matches in the card include the New Age Outlaws vs. Hardcore and Crash Holly for the Tag Team Titles, Val Venis vs. Mankind, Chyna vs. Jeff Jarrett and Ivory vs. the Fabulous Moolah for the Women's Title. Predictions: Hardcore and Crash, Mankind, Chyna and ... you know, I still don't care about the Women's Title.

Closing bell

First, WCW has Sting coming out looking like The Crow, and now Dustin Runnels is being re-introduced looking like the kid from Powder? Of course it's scary. The man's a freak.

Nitro returns to the Astrodome on Dec. 27 for what's being dubbed "New Year's Evil." Ooh.

There wasn't any room for letters this week, but keep sending your ideas for the Edstravaganza -- the annual celebration of ... me. I'm kidding. No, really. Really. The angles begin next week.

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