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Dreamcast's Hydro Thunder brings arcade action into your living room

Hydro Thunder

For Dreamcast
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Grade B+

By Brandon H. Franks
Daily Cougar Staff 

If you've been to an arcade lately, you might have played a power boat racer called Hydro Thunder. Chances are that you thought it was a cool game.

Now that cool arcade game has been packaged on to a disc for the Sega Dreamcast.

Hydro Thunder from Midway brings all the excitement of the arcade right into your living room.

Hydro Thunder has all the great graphics from the arcade version and the bonus levels. The best part is that you don't have to keep popping in those quarters each time you want to advance.

The boats are really hip as well. The design of each boat is unique. Some are designed to fly through the water and air while some are built for speed. Be careful, some boats can be easily tossed around and some of them can do the tossing. In other words, choose wisely and learn the strength and weakness of each boat.

One thing this version of Hydro Thunder does not have is a very good two-player mode. When playing this mode it seems boring and doesn't have quite the same feel as when playing the one player mode, where you have to keep up with several other racers.

Despite the setback that it's really a one player game, Hydro Thunder is a great game. The scenery is terrific as you scream through rivers in the South Pacific to an apocalyptic flooded New York.

As said before, the two-player mode isn't all that exciting, but that's okay. The real challenge and excitement is in the one-player mode. By the second race your hands will probably hurt from trying to get into first place -- but don't worry. Just get something to soak them in and get back into the races because they only get tougher, cooler and more exciting the further you go.

If you want pure adrenaline fun, Hydro Thunder is a great pick. There is plenty of diversity as far as the tracks go, and the scenery is the best I've seen for any racing game.

Hydro Thunder will definitely give you a challenge that will keep you playing for a few months, and maybe even more if you're planning to hunt down all the hidden paths.

Pros: Simply put, it's pure adrenalized fun.

Cons: The two-player mode could have at least put other boats in the race mode, and maybe a choice of split screens.

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