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Immortal artist David Bowie releases new album

Hours ...

David Bowie
Virgin Records
10 tracks; 47:03

Grade B +

By Jesse Lauritz
Daily Cougar Staff 

David Bowie is always ahead of the ever-changing music industry. Throughout the changes, Bowie has maintained a three-decade career that has continually broken the current musical boundaries and redefined the term rock star.

He even toured with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, and the two collaborated on the single "I'm Afraid of Americans." Bowie truly has an edge over every other artist in the industry.

Frank Ockenfels III/Virgin Records

david Bowie, looking rather ghost-like in this picture, released his latest album Hours... his 23rd solo album last Tuesday.

On 'hours ... we find Bowie taking an inventory of his musical past and combining it into one unique style. This is his 23rd solo album.

The album was written by Bowie and guitarist Reeves Gabrels and can be described as one of Bowie's most autobiographical records.

The album offers more reflection on his past than new directions for the future.

One of the strengths of the album is Bowie's singing. The opening track, "Thursday's Child," is a pop title that proves that Bowie can still keep up with the times in the movement toward the pop genre. The track explores themes of loss and regret.

"The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell" is probably the album's best track and revisits Bowie's glam-rock heyday. The track is also featured on the Stigmata soundtrack.

On "What's Really Happening," Bowie shares the royalties with Alex Grant from Wisconsin. He was the winner of a cyber contest that gave him the chance to co-write with one of the greatest songwriters of this generation.

"Seven" is an acoustic-based track that brings you back to the days of Bowie's Space Oddity, while "New Angels of Promise" and "What's Really Happening" perfectly fit on Diamond Dogs.

Although 'hours ... lacks the experimental fire of his last two studio efforts, it doesn't compromise the overall quality of the performance.

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