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Talk will center on coping with death

Cougar News Staff

At first blush, death may not seem to be an event that engages creative impulses.

But the panelists in "End of Life: Coping Through Creativity," a discussion tonight at the Blaffer Gallery, may change that view. The discussion, held in conjunction with the Blaffer's exhibit Hospice: A Photographic Inquiry, will address hospice-related topics and the role creativity plays in dealing with death and adversity.

The panelists will be Mary Winkler of the Institute for Medical Humanities; Robbie Wallace, an art therapist; Sandra York, whose mother was cared for in the Texas Medical Center Hospice; and Sarah Cortez, a poet, police officer and visiting scholar at UH.

Each panelist will bring a unique viewpoint to the discussion. For example, York wrote and took photographs relating to her mother's hospice care, and Cortez writes poetry dealing with the violence she encounters as a law officer.

The discussion will be held at 7 p.m. today in the College of Architecture Theater. The Hospice exhibit runs through Dec. 19 at the Blaffer, located on the ground floor of the Fine Arts Building. Admission to both is free.

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