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UHPD provides services that could be useful for everyone

Asra Saleem
Guest Columnist

I could be like everyone else and write a piece complaining about the miseries imposed upon me by UH. But you know what? I'm optimistic. Things happen. It's life, and I get over it.

The one thing I've come to appreciate and really be thankful for is the UH Police Department. I spent last week studying at the library for my exams (which, by the way, were all in the same week), and UHPD was kind enough to provide my friends and me with its Cougar Patrol escort service.

We were scared to walk around at night, so we called UHPD to escort us to our respective residence halls and parking lots. Walking across campus at midnight and being bit by a dozen mosquitoes is no joy ride. We were hesitant at first, but this service turned out to be a pretty good experience.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank UHPD and also inform others that UHPD provides this service 24 hours a day.

The Cougar Patrol does exactly what it says: It patrols all the parking lots and other campus areas. The Department of Parking and Transportation works in collaboration with UHPD to provide vehicle safety in addition to the escort services.

For all of those who moan and cuss about citations -- and that includes me -- keep in mind that Parking and Transportation people are the same ones who help you and look out for your car.

According to Parking and Transportation, more than 25,000 cars are on campus on any given day. Nice number, huh? It's very attractive to car thieves and burglars. We should all be extremely careful when it comes to car safety.

Safety rules for students and visitors are listed in pamphlets available to everyone. According to UHPD Sgt. Mclinton, "cars that have certain items like cell phones, purses, other valuables, etc. in plain view of everyone else are most likely to be broken into."

People should always lock their cars, no matter where and for how long they are parked. Valuables should be placed in the trunk, or at least hidden under a seat.

If you aren't worried about your raggedy old car getting stolen or broken into, you might have other problems that can be solved through UHPD. They offer assistance if you lock yourself out of your car or if you need to jump start it.

For more information on these services, as well as crime prevention, UHPD offers sessions and seminars to the anyone who requests them.

In conclusion, enjoy these free services. Don't complain about what you can't seem to get from UH -- be happy about all that you do enjoy. Show some spirit in any way that you can.

Saleem, a sophomore biology major,
can be reached at dooroflife@hotmail.com.

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