Friday, October 22, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 44

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The class schedules listing all available courses and times for Spring 2000 will be coming out next month. Potential graduates are hoping to take the last few classes they need to earn that precious diploma. The problems they face aren't whether they will pass these courses, but whether or not they can actually get in -- or whether these much-needed courses will be offered at all.

They're not worried about getting into "Underwater Basket Weaving." They're worried about taking those last core classes -- simple classes such as college algebra, English or fitness and health.

Also, each major has its own core with that one class everyone needs to take. It's always offered at 8 a.m., and if there's more than one time offered, it's because only 20 people are allowed in the class.

Students who work during the day wait with despondent anticipation hoping their classes will be offered at night. If not, they have to schedule their jobs around the class.

Each year students swear over their unborn children, speak in tongues and pray to unknown gods, hoping to never hear the dreaded phrase "Please note that ... this section is closed."

Why must students go through this torture each year? Can't colleges understand that many students have to work so they can put themselves through school? An 8 a.m. class is hard to work around in the business world.

Doesn't UH realize that with an increase in the student population and little growth in the number of classrooms, there simply isn't enough room for everyone? 

How can a university so fixated on expanding its stadium seating capacity not put just as much effort toward its academic seating capacity? 

Students need UH to offer more classes. There need to be more night classes in more fields of study for working students. The high demand for multiple classes at peak periods during the day calls for more classrooms, labs and instructors.

Sure it will cost money in the beginning, but if UH satisfies the needs of its students now, future support for its programs will follow. After all, it's easier to ask satisfied graduates for donations. Students who had to struggle to graduate aren't likely to give more than they already have.

Online Correction:

In Thursday's Conference USA Football Notebook ("The best of the best," Sports), senior running back Ketric Sanford's name was misspelled


Wednesday's News article "For sale: a bit of Americana, slightly used" failed to provide the address for Dave's World. The store is located at 1639 Westheimer; its telephone number is (713) 523-6670.


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