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O.D.B.'s off-the-wall, zany style shines through on new CD

By M. Kahlil Taylor
Daily Cougar Staff

N***a Please

Ol' Dirty Bastard 
Elektra Records
Running time
13 Tracks; 47:43

Grade: B -

The much anticipated, multi-delayed release of Wu-Tang's Ol' Dirty Bastard's second solo album has finally "blessed" the world. O.D.B., a.k.a. Big Baby Jesus' N***a Please leaves those who finish a listening session pondering their sanity.

N***a Please is nothing like O.D.B.'s guest appearances on Mariah Carey's "Fantasy (Remix)" or Busta Rhyme's "Woo Hah Got You All in Check (Remix)." He uses his artistic license to say what many people would not admit they feel toward sex, race issues, sex, sex and womanizing. 

O.D.B. or is it, Osirus, or is it Big Baby Jesus, brings back his usual crazy style on his latest set, N***a Please

Jonathon Mannion/Elektra Entertainment

N***a Please shines as a magnification of his Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version release. He's wild and even more creative.

Remaining solo, he blasts his rhymes without many lyrical contributions from anyone, Wu-Tang or otherwise. He has also chosen to vary his production with contributions from the RZA, the Neptunes, Budda Monk and Tru Master. This versatility gives various feels on this album's excellent and thoroughly impressive production.

Being one of a minimum of seven Wu-Tang releases for 1999, a.k.a. Osiris has to stand out. From the Chris Rock intro "Recognize" to "All In Together Now," finally, a.k.a. Unique Ason creates the most quizzling hip-hop release ever.

His style of rhyming could be compared to a shaolin drunken master is fighting. He's fully conscious of his rhymes, although they appear to have been delivered in an alcoholic love movement. A.k.a. Dirt McGirt's lyrics seem as if they contradict each other in principle throughout the album, yet the song order choices are well orchestrated. He entertains on the line between straitjacket crazy and sanely manipulative.

More entertaining than most of N***a Please is the remake of Rick James' "Cold Blooded." A complete printed description is impossible. A.k.a. Dirt Dog slurs just enough to harmonize, yet rides the balance between rapping and singing. It could not have been done better by anyone else.

This second release from the artist arrested for stealing Nikes from a mall, wearing a bulletproof vest, sued for not paying child support and taken off the Grammy stage for running up and yelling "Wu-Tang's for the children" comes just in time.

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